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Our goal is to capture the uniqueness of each print and because our pieces are hand crafted and hand polished you can be sure that it is a one of a kind!

Our unique silver pieces are hand made with 99.9% fine silver and can be customized to your individual liking. On average our pendants are approximately 2cm x 3cm depending on the shape and style you choose. By clicking on the categories  below you will see some of the different shapes and styles that are available. At Pawsitive Impressions you are able to create your custom keepsake from start to finish! You start with your impression, then decide what style and shape best suites your liking, from there we create your piece and are able to further personalize it with a name, date or any words of wisdom you wish.  Next you can select a bracelet style or necklace style to display your one of a kind keepsake on. Once your order has been submitted be expecting us to contact you to discuss and confirm your order particulars. We strive to create a completely personalized and customized piece of jewellery and in doing so feel that communication with the designer (you!) to be an essential part in achieving that goal. 


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