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A precious keepsake of a grandson's hand print.

A special kitty print on a small heart charm.

A perfect way to cherish those tiny little feet! 


Custom made 10mm leather bracelets are a great way to showcase your special keepsake! 

A special keepsake made to cherish some special paw prints. - $165.00


5mm burgundy leather wrap bracelet with the finger prints of three little loved ones!

10mm black leather wrap bracelet with beautiful finger prints. 

A gift for Grandma! A key chain that has captured all of her grandchildren's fingerprints as the scales on the fish!

Customized charms, each charm is specific to each pet!  So much fun creating these! - $85.00 each.

5mm pacific blue leather wrap bracelet with 5 paw print charms! 

Dainty paw print charms with pandora style bales.

Small key chain to remember the life of a dear friend.

Hoof print charm! Great to put on a bracelet or wear on a necklace. 

Great gift idea for father's day! Dog tag style pendant.

The back of the pendant had a special message for a special Dad!

Memorial pendant that contains the ashes of a special pet.


Perfect way to keep your faithful friends close!

Combine multiple Tiny Impression Charms on any of our custom made leather wrap bracelets.  This is a double wrap, double stack 5mm leather bracelet with 2 different leather colors!

Two Tiny Impression Charms worn side by side as small pendants on one of our sterling silver snake chains.

Tiny Impression charms are very versatile.  They can be worn as Suspension charms (green bracelet), Bridging charms (brown bracelet) or as small pendants which look adorable when worn by a youngster.

Small Pendant made into a Bridging charm, being worn on a one of our custom made triple wrap leather bracelets.

Double wrap leather bracelet displaying 3 bridging charms consisting of 2 Tiny Touch charms (finger prints) and 1 Tiny Impression Charm (paw print)

Tiny Impression Charm on a sterling silver Pandora style bale.  All of our charms can be added to this style of bale to allow you to wear your keepsake on a Pandora bracelet.